Taru is a bilingual writer and poet who writes in English and Hindi. Through the pages of www.taruagarwal.com, she shares her thoughts, reflections and experiences. As a child, Taru started giving shape to her words in the forms of small poems for others. Later, these took the shape of longer poems and blog expressions.

In 2010, she did a blog – 1Poem1Day as an experiment where she wrote at least eight lines on a random word, every day, for six months, not missing a single day. The experiment culminated in the form of a self-help book, Life’s Not All That Unfair. Its first edition was published by Amazon in 2011. Second edition was published under the imprint Connoisseur by Manasa Publications in 2013. The book is available on Amazon.com and Amazon.in as both print book and e-book.

Taru writes profusely for children as well. Some of these poems and stories you can read here on the site. A few were published by Good Luck Publishers and Madhubun Publishers in children’s course books. She also wrote a series of stories for children, which is available on the site.

Taru’s second book, Lady In The Chair AND OTHER SHORT STORIES, was published in March 2020. This is a fiction book of short stories.

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The universe creates stories,
We weave them into words,
The medium brings them alive,
To be devoured by the world.