A City Of Bougainvillea

Boganias around the city,
Make a dreamland of Delhi,
Despite the sweltering heat,
We revel in its floral beauty.

Driving through city lanes,
Where boganias jostle for space,
My heart starts thumping loudly,
At their crowded colourful frenzy.

The translucent petals so frail,
In the lightest breeze they shake,
Thorns guard the blessed air,
That covers the boganias so fair.

Wish the rain would come late,
So the boganias can longer stay,
A year for this joy to reappear,
Is too long for anyone to bear.

I will skip heaven, for the earth,
Boganias, they don’t have there,
Travel I will, from place to place,
So see them, I can always.

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