Fight Back The Bully

Rahul was a school bully,

Who loved to tease Anjali,

He called her bubble-wrap,

Because she was a little fat.

Anjali hid and cried in the night,

But she was too afraid to fight,

As her frustration was building up,

She wanted to teach Rahul a lesson.

She dreamt of a race one night,

Which Rahul was about to win,

So she ran with all her might,

And beat Rahul who came second.

Came morning and birds were chirping,

Anjali woke up happy and smiling,

She thought carefully and made a plan,

And invited Rahul to play in the park.

They played and glided on all the swings,

And made a castle in the sand pit,

When Rahul again called her names,

Anjali invited him on the see-saw to play.

When Anjali’s see-saw came down,

Rahul’s side hung above the ground,

Anjali now played a trick on him,

And did not let her side slip.

Afraid of falling on the ground,

The bully Rahul shouted loud,

But Anjali told him to first apologize,

For calling her names all the time.

Rahul fumbled and mumbled,

But said sorry with a grumble,

So Anjali let the see-saw come down,

Rahul jumped off and fled the grounds.

So children if you don’t fight back,

Others will tease you right and left,

Smart Anjali found a solution,

And taught Rahul a good lesson.

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