Lady In The Chair AND short STORIES

Lady in the Chair and Other Short Stories transports you into six different worlds,
that are each unique yet have a common thread. In all of them, things are not as they appear:

You want money to run your house but life gives you only pebbles.
You’ve heard of paranormal incidences but one day you find yourself in one.
You dream of a beautiful future with a husband but the scoundrel betrays you.
You see the moon every day but it vanishes from the sky and is untraceable.
You pull off several brilliant heists but the police catches up with you.
You are destiny’s child but your destiny was written with a black pen.

Walk through these worlds and meet GG, the handsome Greek hunk who may not even exist,
or Robin, who speaks not only tongue-in-cheek but also puts his foot in his mouth,
or Mr. Bandookwala who gets paid a crore of rupees every month for a non-existent case,
and many other interesting characters. They may need your advice.”

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