RIP: Dear Postman

Dear postman,
My solemn friend, 
This is my last letter
In ink and pen;

Internet has 
Voices and emotions,
You are being sucked
Into a Net-o-blivion;

My heart still 
misses a beat
With every new mail’s beep,
Mail has become e-mail
Your successor is gmail;

Miss you much I 
The sound of your bicycle,
The smile when you handed
The letters we so waited;

Can’t use now ink 
and pen
So hooked I am to the Net,
People will find me weird
If I sent them handwritten letters;

We promise to keep you alive
In stories, blogs and mimes,
On Facebook and Twitter
We’ll make you immortal;

My dear postman,
A humble friend,
Rest in peace,
An era ends!


Excerpted from the book Life’s Not All That Unfair 

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